The Springdale Ballet & Dance Academy at Twin Rinks features a professional dance studio, complete with mirrors and bars, with a digital sound system. Ballet & dance are important to the development of figure skaters for two reasons. First, ballet is a great way to increase the core strength, flexibility, balance, power, ankle strength, and balance necessary to become a technically accomplished skater. Secondly, dance, particularly classic ballet, helps students develop the grace of movement, artistry, musicality & rhythm, and smooth transitions required of an artistic presentation on ice.


Students can arrange lessons directly with our highly qualified instructors, or call the Skating Office at 203 968-9000 for assistance.

Contact us for more info on our upcoming Ballet schedule.

Head Ballet & Dance Professional

Adrienne Riter
Adrienne directs Twin Rinks Springdale Ballet and Dance Academy and teaches Ballet and Ballet/Stretch (summer only). She trained and danced with The Portland Ballet in her native Oregon. Adrienne holds a BFA degree in Dance and was a teaching artist at the Bodyvox Dance Center, leading in-school residencies in the Portland Public Schools. She is now a popular instructor and dancer in the southern CT/New York City.