Public Skating

Twin Rinks offers convenient open skating for families every day during Fall, Winter & Spring seasons, with extra sessions on holidays and during school vacations. Trained skate monitors ensure a safe skating environment, and we offer high tech rental skates that are comfortable and supportive. Take advantage of our Public Skating Events that provide a great opportunity to skate with friends and family that feature opportunities for raffles & giveaways. 

Times: Please check back for Public Session times!

Admission, all ages: $10.00 or $9.00 with Preferred Customer Card

Rental Skates: $5.00 or $4.50 with Preferred Customer Card

Friday Night Glow Skate

Every Friday night starting in September, area middle school and high school youth enjoy Glow Skate Night, featuring our black light & disco light show, video games, and more! Our new sound system pumps out 1200 Watts of clear sound creating a fun and energetic atmosphere. 

Times: Check back for Fall/Winter times
Admission (includes rental skates): $15.00 or $13.00 with Preferred Customer Card

Public sessions are a great place to have a party, a corporate outing, or to bring a large group to public skating. Group discounts for groups of 10+ are available at all public sessions with pre-booking. For more information, call 203-968-9000 or email us for more info.

Public Skating Schedule

Days and times are subject to change. In the event of a cancellation, we will always post a notice on our Facebook page.

Ice skating is fun and enjoyable for everyone. Skating can be enjoyed in many ways. Regardless of your skill level, there is an element of risk in ice skating. Use common sense, show courtesy to others, and anticipate dangerous situations before they arise. The following guidelines are some basic elements of common sense and courtesy.
Always stay in control, and be able to stop or avoid other skaters.
While on the ice, keep moving. Do not stop where you obstruct other skaters. Don’t skate in groups. Do not skate through ‘coned off’ area.
People ahead of you have the right of way. It is your responsibility to avoid hitting or disrupting them: No speeding, No weaving, No roughness, No snowball or other throwing
Keep exits clear. Before getting on ice, look for oncoming skaters. Do not sit on the dasher boards.
Do not carry children or other items while skating. No eating or drinking on the ice.
Rink equipment is dangerous. Stay off the ice and keep doors closed while resurfacing is in progress.
Do not go on the ice without skates and keep Admission sticker visible. Do not wear skates in the stands.
Obey the skate monitors and report all hazards immediately.
Respect the ice. Please do not litter or use foul language.
Secure your valuables. Not responsible for lost or stolen items. Lockers are available.
TR recommends all new and novice skaters wear a helmet.
This is just a partial list. There are elements of risk that common sense & personal awareness can help reduce. You are ultimately responsible for your own personal safety.
Use caution and skate in control. Respect other skaters. The skate monitors cannot guarantee your safety and will not protect you from injury. It is your responsibility to avoid other skaters and hazards. Failure to use good judgment, skate responsibly, or follow the Responsibility Code will result in loss of skating privileges.