Health & Fitness Services

Twin Rinks Health & Fitness Services is located on the second floor featuring the finest fitness and health providers in Fairfield County to serve the needs of our clients young or old, pro or amateur.

Prentiss Hockey Performance

Prentiss Hockey Performance is a premier training facility for world-class athletes. PHP has helped produce five Stanley Cup winners, Olympic medalists, NHL All-Stars, and members of all 30 NHL teams. Beyond hockey, PHP has trained pro athletes in baseball, lacrosse, golf, and soccer.

PHP programs target the individual needs of each athlete by incorporating years of expertise in workout design, nutrition, injury prevention, and recovery to create a stronger, faster, and healthier athlete.

For more information, check out: https://prentisshockey.com

Check out this 2015 Player’s Tribune video on PHP:

The Current, a unique Modern-Day Wellness® facility, is now open on the 2nd floor. The Current combines four of the world’s most efficient, effective, and evolved wellness technologies into one invigorating experience that requires less effort, time, pain, and monotony than other programs.
Sessions last 50 minutes and incorporate aspects of fitness, recovery, and mindfulness to help restore and optimize your body and brain down to the cellular level. Every session at The Current is customized to the individual’s needs: people of all ages and fitness levels can benefit.

For more information, check out: https://thecurrentwellness.com/