Stick & Puck Sessions

Regularly scheduled times for players of all ages and skill levels. Stick & Puck offers the opportunity to practice your hockey skills or just have fun skating, stick handling, and shooting in an informal setting.

  • We strongly suggest all participants PRE-REGISTER for Stick & Puck sessions. Limited walk-ins are available. All walk-ins will incur a walk-on fee. 
  • All players are required to wear a helmet and gloves while on the ice. Players under the age of 18 must wear full equipment including a helmet with a full cage or shield.
  • All must wear a face mask at all times, both on & off the ice. Face masks that attach to the inside of the helmet are acceptable.
  • Our complete list of protocols can be found here.

Times: See schedule below.

Admission: $16 when registering online/$20 when registering in person

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Stick & Puck Schedule

Days and times are subject to change. In the event of a cancellation, we will always post a notice on our Facebook page.

Like Stick & Puck? Check out 3v3! 

Friday Night 3v3

One of our most popular & fun spring offerings! All players are involved in the play, making it more interesting for players even of different skill levels. Fewer players on the ice means more opportunities with and around the puck. It becomes a game of strategy and position. Less space and less time requires quick decision-making. 3v3 hockey is a “skills” based game, played in tight spaces at a fast pace. Because of this, you quickly improve your “skills” to adapt to this fast pace. It increases puck handling, team play, transition – an offense to defense/defense to offense, positioning, and time on the ice. Goalies are always in the play, with more shots, movement, and opportunities to play the puck. No offsides, icing, officiating, scorekeeping, or coaching. Players are split into groups by age and ability.

  • 3 cross-ice zones
  • Rotating Regular shifts for equal ice time
  • Supervised by Twin Rinks staff

Fridays | June 18-August 27* | 5:50pm-7:10pm | $225
Single Class: $30
*No class June 25 due to local tournament

Prerequisites: 3v3 is intended for ages 7-14. Mite Players must be rostered on a travel A1 team or higher for the 2021/22 season to attend.

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