Stick & Puck

Stick & Puck sessions offer players of all ages the opportunity to practice hockey skills or just have fun skating, stick handling, and shooting in an informal setting.

Times: See Schedule Below. 

Admission: $25

Online Registration is not available for stick & puck sessions.

 All attendees must check in and pay at the front desk before entering the rink. No players may enter the ice surface without paying. Players cannot pay after the session. Online Registration is not available for stick & puck sessions.

Rules & Requirements:

  • All participants are required to wear skates, a helmet, and gloves while on the ice. Players under the age of 18 must wear full hockey equipment including a helmet with a full cage or shield.
  • Pucks will not be provided. Attendees must bring their own. 
  • Full-Ice scrimmages will not be permitted
  • Private lessons or group lessons may not be conducted unless by an approved Twin Rinks coach
  • No players will be allowed on the ice without payment before the session.
  • Attendance varies greatly based on the day & time of session. Some sessions will sell out. To ensure your spot, arrive before the session begins. 
  • Players may not enter the ice surface while the Zamboni is on the ice and must wait for the Zamboni doors to shut before beginning the session. 

What to expect & General Guidelines

  • All ages and abilities are permitted during stick and puck times. Attendees are asked to be aware of who is on the ice with them and act accordingly. 
  • Stick & Puck is not a “drop off” session. It is highly recommended that younger players be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • Twin Rinks has the right to limit the number of participants in a session.
  • Twin Rinks will not admit players who have not paid for the session.
  • Stick & Puck attendees have access to the whole ice surface. Small groups of friends or players of similar age & ability may congregate in one area of the rink. This is permitted so long as the group does not “block off” an unreasonable amount of space. 
  • Stick & Puck attendance varies based on times. Holidays, days off from school, summer sessions, etc. can fill up quickly. To ensure your spot on the ice, arrive before the session begins. 
  • Participants must be aware at all times, particularly when skating & shooting. Do not shoot pucks when a player(s) are in front of the net. Additionally, players should avoid skating in front of the net at all times except to retrieve pucks. Players retrieving pucks should do so cautiously. 
  • No one is permitted on the ice while the Zamboni is operating or while the Zamboni doors are open. 
  • Players who enter the ice without paying or who violate the above guidelines will be asked to leave the session. No Refunds will be provided. 

New to Stick & Puck? More Resources Here 

Stick & Puck Schedule

Days and times are subject to change. In the event of a cancellation, we will always post a notice on our Facebook page.