Stick & Puck

Stick & Puck sessions offer players of all ages the opportunity to practice hockey skills or just have fun skating, stick handling, and shooting in an informal setting.

Times: See Schedule Below

Admission, All Ages: $16 in-person & online

We strongly suggest all participants PRE-REGISTER for Stick & Puck sessions.

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  • All participants are required to wear skates, a helmet, and gloves while on the ice. Players under the age of 18 must wear full hockey equipment including a helmet with a full cage or shield.
  • Pucks will not be provided. Attendees must bring their own. 
  • All participants must abide by Twin Rinks protocols and guidelines. Our complete list of protocols can be found here.
  • Full-Ice scrimmages will not be permitted
  • Private lessons may not be conducted unless by an approved Twin Rinks coach

What to expect & General Guidelines

  • All ages and abilities are permitted during stick and puck times. Attendees are asked to be aware of who is on the ice with them and act accordingly. 
  • Stick & Puck is not a “drop off” session. It is highly recommended that younger players be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • Stick & Puck attendees have access to the whole ice surface. Small groups of friends or players of similar age & ability may congregate to one area of the rink. This is permitted so long as the group does not “block off” an unreasonable amount of space. 
  • Stick & Puck attendance varies based on times. Some sessions may be quite busy while others may not be as well attended. Stick and puck sessions will not exceed 30 skaters. 
  • Participants must be aware at all times, particularly when skating & shooting. Do not shoot pucks when a player(s) are in front of the net. Additionally, players should avoid skating in front of the net at all times except to retrieve pucks. Players retrieving pucks should do so cautiously. 
  • Attendees who wish to give/receive instruction may do so provided they do not “block off” an unreasonable amount of space.

Stick & Puck Schedule

Days and times are subject to change. In the event of a cancellation, we will always post a notice on our Facebook page.