Twin Rinks Skating School

Learn to Skate - LTS - USA LogoThe Twin Rinks Skating School follows the nationally recognized Learn to Skate USA curriculum designed to serve the needs of all skaters – beginners through advanced and recreational through competitive. Our mission is to provide a fun and safe learning environment while helping those of all skill levels achieve their personal goals.

We offer classes for skaters of all ages and levels. This comprehensive, goal-oriented, program offers a variety of classes such as Snowplow Sam, Basic Skills, Free Skate, Introduction to Synchronized Skating, Hockey Skating Skills, Adult, and Parent/ Tot. Our skaters also have the opportunity to participate in ice shows, competitions, a variety of specialty classes and clinics, and more.

Our classes run in  multi-week cycles in the Fall, Winter and Spring.  All Skater Registrations include: 

  • 25 minutes of group instruction from our experienced coaches 
  • 25 minutes of practice before/after the start of your skater’s class 
  • Rental skates are included 

To ensure success for all participants: 

  • Every skater will be evaluated on the first day of class to ensure they are placed correctly.
  • During the 6th week of the cycle, evaluations will take place for ALL skaters during class times for the following cycle session. Your skater will receive a recommended class form to assist with registering your skater for the next session. 
  • At the end of each cycle, every skater will receive a certificate of participation or achievement award. 

Proudly endorsed by:

The Twin Rinks Difference

  • Twin Rinks Skating School is ranked Top 10 Skating Schools in CT & Top 25 Skating Schools on the East Coast by Learn to Skate USA
  • Classes taught by the most experienced Skating Professionals in Fairfield County
  • Our program follows the nationally recognized Learn to Skate USA curriculum
  • Convenient class schedules & small class sizes
  • Winter & Spring Ice shows for all skaters
  • Cycle progress report provided so that you know how your skater is progressing
  • End-of-cycle evaluation/recognition

For more info on our Learn to Play Hockey Program, click here.

Snowplow Sam 1-4: (Ages 3-5) First-timers through advanced beginners. Classes are divided into 4 levels to build confidence while learning the foundations of skating.

Basic 1-6: (Ages 6+) First timers through intermediate skaters. Classes teach the FUNdamentals of skating and forms a strong foundation for your skaters to explore the world of skating.

Pre-Free Skate: Successful completion of Basic 6 or equivalent. Introduction to jumps and combination of elements. 

Free Skate 1-6: Successful completion of Pre-Free Skate or equivalent. Classes include more advanced skating skills like jumps, spins, and transitions to give more determined skaters like yours challenges they crave. Skaters enrolled in Free-skate can now choose to become more competitive figure skaters! 

Parent & Tot: Class for children ages 3-5 who are not yet ready to separate from parents/caregivers and attend classes independently. All parents/caregivers attending Parent & Tot classes must possess basic skating skills.

Adult: Ages 18+ First-timers through advanced skaters. Classes are designed for both beginner and advanced skaters who wish to improve their overall skating skills.

Dynamites – Learn to Play Hockey: Ages 3-5.  Skaters must be able to skate independently prior to enrolling in the class. 50-minute on-ice/off-ice lessons. All required equipment is available at Wesco Sports Center, conveniently located in our lobby.

Off-Ice with Oleg: Taught by two-time Olympian, Oleg Voyko. This class is designed to strengthen and enhance the skaters on-ice performance with dynamic off-ice exercises.  Tailored towards improving core strength, stability, balance and power, all of which will help the skater jump higher, rotate faster and improve on power, endurance and quickness in both figure skating and hockey.

PRE-REQUISITE: Successful completion of Basic 4 or equivalent skating skills

NEW! Ballet with Larissa: Elevate your skating ability with Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT), a groundbreaking body conditioning and strengthen program that places its emphasis on building core strength, weight placement and body alignment with the use of fusion & exercise balls and resistance bands. PBT employs ballet specific exercise that focuses on training muscle memory, and with its progressive approach it is ideal for beginner through advanced skaters.

PRE-REQUISITE: Successful completion of Basic 4 or equivalent skating skills.

NEW! Power Skating: This class will focus on edge quality, extension, balance and body control. Skaters will learn to skate with not just speed but power  — which is essential for any figure skater or hockey player. 

PRE-REQUISITE: All skaters Basic 4 and above will benefit from this class.

CYCLE 1 8 weeks 09/3/24 – 10/26/24 Early bird deadline: August 30
CYCLE 2 8 weeks 10/29/24 – 12/21/24 Early bird deadline: October 24
CYCLE 3 8 weeks 01/7/25 – 03/01/25 Early bird deadline: December 27
CYCLE 4 8 weeks 03/04/25 – 04/26/25 Early bird deadline: February 25
CYCLE 5 6 weeks 04/29/25 – 05/07/25 Early bird deadline: April 22
Tuesday 9:30-10:20am Adult, Parent & Tot
Wednesday 2:00-2:50pm Snowplow 1-4, Basic 1-6, Pre Free-skate, Free-skate 1-6
Wednesday 4:00-4:25pm Snowplow 1-4, Basic 1-3, Dynamites*, Off ice with Oleg
Wednesday 4:25-4:50pm Basic 1-6, Pre Free-skate, Free-skate 1-6, Ballet
Friday 2:20-3:10pm Snowplow 1-4, Basic 1-6, Pre Free-skate, Free-skate 1-6, Dynamites* 
Friday 4:00-4:25pm Snowplow 1-4, Basic 1-3. Dynamites*
Friday 4:25-4:50pm Snowplow 1 & 2, Basic 4-6, Pre Free-skate, Intro to Synchro, Ballet
Friday 4:50-5:15pm Free-skate 1-6
Saturday 11:05-11:30am Snowplow 1-4, Basic 1-3, Dynamites*
Saturday 11:30-11:55am Snowplow 1 & 2, Basic 4-6, Pre Free-skate
Saturday 11:55-12:20pm Free-skate 1-6, Adult, Parent & Tot, ASPIRE Bridge, Power Skating

Lessons are 25-minutes with an optional 25 minute practice class. 

*Intro to Synchro, Dynamites, Ballet, Off-ice are 50 minute classes.  

Learn to Skate $350.00
Learn to Skate Membership (required) $25.00
Dynamites $385.00
Synchro, Power skating $385.00
Off-ice with Oleg, Ballet with Larissa $385.00
ASPIRE Bridge $425.00

This membership through Learn to Skate (LTS) is required for all skaters participating in our program. 

Membership is valid from July 1st through June 30th and the annual membership fee includes:  

  • LTS Welcome packet with progress tracking book and LTS Magazine
  • Access to the Learn to Skate USA mobile app to track progress and earn badges

Learn more about this nationally credited program at www.LearnToSkateUSA.com


This program introduces skaters to the world of synchronized skating. Skaters will learn the 5 basic elements and will familiarize themselves with different handholds and transitions. They will also learn how to skate together in a fun, encouraging way. All skaters will have the opportunity to perform throughout the year as a team.
Fridays 4:25-6:00pm 

On-ice Instruction 4:25-5:15pm 

This program is designed for skaters in Basic 4 and higher to help skaters make the transition from learn to skate classes to figure skating. Our program includes a fully developmental program including on-ice, off-ice training, and the option for specialty classes scheduled throughout the year. 

This program will also introduce parents into the world of figure skating and allow them the opportunity to learn more about opportunities for their skater.

Saturdays 11:00-12:20pm

Off-Ice training 11:00-11:30am
Learn to Skate ASPIRE Class: 11:50-12:20pm

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Unsure which class your child(ren) should be in? For all questions, email Toni: Toni@stamfordtwinrinks.com



Additional information for New & Returning Skaters

  • Arrive 30 minutes early on your very first day to settle into your space and navigate our registration table, skate rental counter, etc.
  • Check-in at the Learn to skate table at the front entrance to receive your name badge for class.
  • Pick up skates at the skate counter, just right off the main entrance.
  • Head to the rink & wait rink-side until your coach greets your skater at the door. High-fives are always encouraged!
  • All skaters will learn to fall, but more importantly, they learn to get back up.

Safety is a top priority for us. Here are some equipment/clothing requirements and suggestions for participation in the group classes at the Twin Rinks Skating School.

  • Helmets are required for all skaters enrolled in Parent & Tot, Snowplow Sam 1-4, Dynamites, Basic 1-4, and Adult (Beginners Only). Helmets are highly recommended for advanced skaters under the age of 9. Hockey, skating, ski, and bicycle helmets that are properly fitted are acceptable for all classes. Hockey helmets with face cages offer maximum protection, followed by skating, ski, and bicycle helmets. 
  • Gloves or mittens are required for all skaters under the age of 17 and are strongly recommended for adults. They provide both warmth and safety.
  • Warm, comfortable clothes that allow for easy movement are best for skating classes. Layering will help skaters stay warm and adjust to changing temperatures. 
  • Snow pants, long pants, athletic pants, leggings, or tights (with a skating dress, skirt, or leotard).  For safety and ease of movement, pants should not fall below the heel of the skate or drag on the ground. Young children often prefer snow pants, which make them feel padded and dry. Shorts are not permitted unless worn over tights or leggings.
  • Thin-to medium-weight high socks or tights. Skates should fit snugly, so thick socks are not recommended. Socks should come up higher than the top of the skate boot, to prevent the skate from rubbing against the leg. Tights are a great choice for girls, either under pants or with a skating dress, skirt, or leotard.
  • Jacket, fleece, sweater, sweatshirt, and/or long sleeve shirt. Skaters can always remove layers during class time.

Check out Wesco Sports Center at Twin Rinks for a great selection of recreational, hockey, and figure skating equipment and apparel.

  • All skaters must be pre-registered prior to the cycle. No walk-ins or same-day registrations. 
  • We understand that conflicts may arise during each cycle. Due to the high demand for skating lessons, make-up classes CANNOT be arranged.
  • You may not switch between days for Group Lessons. You must select one day/time for the duration of the cycle.
  • All classes, camps, skating programs & Learn to Skate program fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. Refunds will only be considered for a medical reason accompanied by a Doctor’s note. There will be a $35.00 administration fee applied to all refunds.
  • Twin Rinks reserves the right to combine classes, reschedule, change, or cancel classes due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • After we register you with Learn to Skate USA, you will receive a sticker book in the mail that guides you through all the skills and levels your skater will be learning so you can engage in conversation with your skater and ask them about the skills they worked on in class each week
  • Looking for other opportunities for your little one(s) to skate? Ask our staff about public skating, clinics, leagues & private lessons!