Skills Center

Twin Rinks Skills Center, located on the first floor across from the East Rink, offers players an off-ice venue focused on skill development, instruction and practice. The Skills Center features a 60’ x 20’ of KwikRink synthetic ice used by aspiring and professional hockey players on five continents across the world and featuring 90% of real ice’s glide. KwikRink synthetic ice is a great alternative to ice to hone your hockey skills. 

Private & Group Lessons at Twin Rinks Skills Center

Instruction on synthetic ice is available all day, every day. All private one-on-one and mini-group private lessons must be scheduled directly with approved Twin Rinks instructors. Each professional has its own rate and scheduling policies.

Contact our Hockey department to find the best fit private coach: 203 968-9000 x14 or Send us an Email

Practicing stickhandling and shooting off ice in a synthetic ice room offers numerous benefits that can greatly enhance a player’s skills:

  1. Extended Training Time: Synthetic ice rooms provide a consistent and controlled environment, allowing players to train year-round regardless of weather conditions or rink availability.
  2. Repetitive Practice: Players can perform stickhandling and shooting drills repeatedly, which helps build muscle memory and improve technique.
  3. Enhanced Muscle Engagement: The resistance of synthetic ice surfaces can increase the effort required for stickhandling and shooting, leading to improved muscle strength and coordination.
  4. Focused Skill Development: With dedicated training sessions, players can focus specifically on stickhandling and shooting techniques without the distractions of a full ice game.
  5. Precision and Accuracy: The consistent surface of synthetic ice enables players to work on their accuracy and precision in shooting, as well as control in stickhandling.
  6. Quick Decision-Making: Limited space in a synthetic ice room encourages players to make quicker decisions and reactions, replicating game scenarios where split-second choices are crucial.
  7. Improved Stick Control: The drag on the synthetic ice surface demands better stick control, forcing players to develop more refined stickhandling skills.
  8. Versatile Drills: Synthetic ice rooms allow for a wide variety of training drills, from basic stickhandling and shooting routines to more complex maneuvers and combinations.
  9. Confidence Building: As players refine their skills in a controlled environment, they can gain confidence in their abilities, which translates to improved performance on the ice.
  10. Reduced Risk of Injury: The forgiving nature of synthetic ice reduces the impact on joints, potentially lowering the risk of injury during intense training sessions.
  11. Customized Workouts: Players can tailor their training sessions to focus on specific areas of improvement, enabling targeted skill development.
  12. Mental Focus and Concentration: The isolated setting of a synthetic ice room promotes mental focus, allowing players to fine-tune their concentration during practice.
  13. Physical Conditioning: Stickhandling and shooting drills provide an opportunity for players to improve their cardiovascular endurance and overall physical fitness.
  14. Supplemental Training: Synthetic ice rooms complement on-ice training by allowing players to work on skills that might not receive as much attention during regular team practices.
  15. Visual Feedback: Players can more easily observe their own technique and make necessary adjustments due to the controlled environment and consistent surface.
  16. Time Efficiency: Players can engage in productive training sessions without the time spent on dressing, skating to the rink, or waiting for their turn on the ice.
  17. Motivation and Passion: The convenience of having a dedicated space for stickhandling and shooting can boost a player’s motivation and passion for the sport.
  18. Team Bonding: Group training sessions in a synthetic ice room can foster teamwork, camaraderie, and healthy competition among players.
  19. Adaptable Training Schedules: Players can fit training sessions into their own schedules, making it easier to accommodate school, work, and other commitments.
  20. Transferrable Skills: The skills honed on synthetic ice can be directly applied to on-ice performance, leading to improved overall gameplay.

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