Twin Rinks Skating Champions

The Twin Rinks skating program has trained more figure skaters who have gone on to compete in regional, national, and international competitions than all other ice rinks in Fairfield County combined. The superb facilities and the convenient ice times have attracted a large number of the top coaches in the sport.

Caitlin Chan, took home two National Championships at the National Solo Dance Series Finals held in Hyannis, MA September 14-16, 2018. Caitlin won gold in the Junior Combined Dance, as well as the Pre-Gold Patterns events. This is Caitlin’s second National Championship in the Combined Event and her first in Patterns. She is coached by Ekaterina Gvozdkova and Oleg Voiko, both former world-class Russian and Ukrainian Ice Dancers, respectively. Caitlin is also a member of the DHS Girls Varsity Ice Hockey and the U16 Ice Cats Hockey Team.