Private Lessons & Freestyle Sessions

Skaters of all skill levels who are committed to improving their skills more rapidly will benefit from the additional practice time available during freestyle sessions and from one-on-one or small group private lessons from the Twin Rinks’ professional coaches. Twin Rinks offers more convenient freestyle times year-round than any other ice rink in the Metro-New York area, and more than all other Fairfield County rinks combined.

Private lessons offer the opportunity to for the motivated skater to train with experienced, proven coaches in order to master the skills need to participate in competitive events and to earn higher ratings. Instruction is available for freestyle, moves in the field, ice dance, power skating, and test and competition preparation.

All Twin Rinks coaches are private contractors, who set their own fees and schedules directly with students.

Afternoon & Weekend Freestyle Fee Schedule for 1/6 – 3/28/20

Session LengthWalk-on RateSubscription RateLearn-to-Skate Walk-on Rate*Learn-to-Skate Practice Card*,**
50 Minutes$19$15$60/4 Sessions or $100/8 Sessions
75 Minutes$23$240 (12 Sessions)$19$60/4 Sessions or $100/8 Sessions

Earlybird Freestyle Session Fee Schedule – 6 am – 8:50 am

Session LengthWalk-on RateAM Punch Card Rate
50 Minutes$10$96/12 Sessions
75 Minutes$12

* Must be currently enrolled in Twin Rinks Learn-To-Skate Group Lesson Program to be eligible for Walk-On rate and/or to purchase Learn-To-Skate Practice Card

** Learn-To-Skate Practice Card valid from 9/9/19 – 6/15/20 (no refunds or pro-ration for unused sessions)

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Outside Coaching Policy

Outside coaches who are fully licensed and in good standing with US Figure Skating (USFSA CER-A or CER-B) and insured are welcome to teach at Twin Rinks provided that they follow all Twin Rinks rules and policies and adhere to the Professional Skaters Association Code of Ethics. A copy of valid insurance must be on file with the Skating School Director. There is no commission fee for lessons taught prior to 2:20 pm on weekdays. A commission fee of $10/session must be paid prior to any lessons taught after 2:20 pm on weekdays or at any time on weekends. 

Please contact Gabrielle Valiquette, Skating School Director, at 203-968-9000×16 for more information on freestyle sessions & outside coaching policy.


All schedules are subject to change. Please check daily for the most up-to-date session times.
Twin Rinks has the right to share ice with Twin Rinks Group Lessons, Clinics & camps.

Figure Skating Session Policies & Procedures
All skaters will check in at the Admissions Desk upon arrival and sign in on the participation sheet. Subscribers names will be pre-printed on participation sheet. Subscribers must initial after their name
Walk-on Guests must print their name and initial after it in the space provided
Payment in full for ice time is then made
All skaters enter their coaches name in the box(s) for lesson times
All skaters will be issued a receipt and a colored sticker to be worn in a visible location while on the ice
Skaters are not allowed on the ice without sticker.
One sticker color during session whether just practicing or for a private lesson
If skater has a lesson, admissions will mark sticker with No. of lessons and circle it (with a sharpie).
If skater is just practicing, then there will be no mark on the sticker
Subscribers will have a sticker with their name and the time of the session
Students will pay their instructors directly: cash, check, instructor credit card/thru smart phone