Freestyle Sessions

Updated January 2, 2020

Due to current City and State regulations, all freestyle sessions are currently capped at a maximum headcount of 5 (FIVE) skaters per session. All freestyle sessions will require reservations and pre-registrations as outlined below:

  • All sessions are broken up into 25-min increments
  • Skaters approved for freestyle sessions will receive a registration code. The registration code must be entered into the comments section in the online registration portal. Skaters may ONLY register for sessions that have been confirmed. Any registrations for additional sessions that have not been approved will be declined.  
  • Twin Rinks In-House Coaches receive priority registration for their students on ALL freestyle sessions
    • If you/your child trains with a Twin Rinks In-House Coach, please submit all session requests directly to your/your child’s coach. Do not submit session requests to Gabrielle Valiquette unless you are asked to do so by the Twin Rinks In-House Coach.
  • The remaining spots will be made available to regular guest coaches for their students
    • If you/your child trains with a Twin Rinks Guest Coach at Twin Rinks on a regular basis (weekly), please submit all session requests directly to your/your child’s coach. Do not submit session requests to Gabrielle Valiquette unless you are asked to do so by the Twin Rinks Guest Coach.
  • If there are any remaining spots available after all regular guest coaches have made their ice selections, then those spots will be made available to all Twin Rinks customers on a first email, first-serve basis.
    • Requests for the week of January 4th-January 9th will be accepted VIA EMAIL ONLY starting at 6:30 pm on Sunday, January 3rd.
    • Requests for the week of January 11th-January 16th will be accepted VIA EMAIL ONLY starting at 6:30 pm on Sunday, January 10th.
    • Any requests submitted prior to 6:30 pm will be reviewed AFTER all properly submitted requests.
    • Any registrations submitted without a code and prior approval will be automatically declined.
    • E-mails should be submitted to Gabrielle Valiquette, Skating Director, at g_valiquette@stamfordtwinrinks.com and must include the following information:
      • Skater’s Name
      • 1st and 2nd Choice of Times
      • If you are requesting a spot for yourself and your coach, you must include the name of your coach. If your coach is not on our list of guest coaches, then s/he must complete a Facility Use Agreement, submit a photo, and provide proof of insurance. If a coaching spot is not available, please specify if you would like the spot for practice only.

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No additional FALL 2020 Freestyle subscriptions may be purchased at this time. Information regarding Winter 2021 subscriptions will be available shortly.

Private Lessons

Skaters of all skill levels who are committed to improving their skills more rapidly will benefit from the additional practice time available during freestyle sessions and from one-on-one or small group private lessons from the Twin Rinks’ professional coaches. Twin Rinks offers more convenient freestyle times year-round than any other ice rink in the Metro-New York area, and more than all other Fairfield County rinks combined.

Private lessons offer the opportunity for the motivated skater to train with experienced, proven coaches in order to master the skills need to participate in competitive events and to earn higher ratings. Instruction is available for freestyle, moves in the field, ice dance, power skating, and test and competition preparation.

All Twin Rinks coaches are private contractors. They set their own fees and schedules directly with students. If you would like to inquire about private lessons and obtain a recommendation for a coach for your child(ren), please contact Gabrielle Valiquette, at (203) 968-9000 x16 or via email at g_valiquette@stamfordtwinrinks.com.

Guest Coaching

Twin Rinks Skating School welcomes all compliant Guest Coaches! Outside coaches who are fully licensed and in good standing with US Figure Skating (USFS CER-A or CER-B) and insured are welcome to teach at Twin Rinks provided that they follow all Twin Rinks rules and policies and adhere to the Professional Skaters Association Code of Ethics. The following must be on file at all times: (1) fully executed guest coaching agreement; (2) proof of liability insurance for the current season; (3) contact information sheet; and, (4) current photograph. Daily coaching passes, 10 session punch cards, and walk-on commission rates available.

Please contact Gabrielle Valiquette at (203) 968-9000 ×16 for more information on freestyle session availability, as well as guest coaching policies, procedures, and commissions. 

Guest coaches are welcome to coach students on all freestyle sessions at Twin Rinks, space permitting. All guest coaches must sign a Facility Use Agreement, provide proof of U.S. Figure Skating membership, and provide proof of insurance for the 2020-2021 season. Coaches must complete a contact information form and provide a current photo that will be kept on file. Photos may be in hard copy/printed format or in digital format – emailed to Gabrielle Valiquette, Skating Director, at g_valiquette@stamfordtwinrinks.com

  • Coaches must make reservations for all sessions to confirm the availability of a coaching spot while CT and CDC headcount restrictions continue to be in place. Contact Gabrielle Valiquette to make a reservation.
    for any sessions between
    6:00am and 1:00pm
    on weekdays
    if using an
    Early Bird/Day Time Punch Card
    ($50.00/10 sessions)
    for any sessions starting
    after 1:00pm on weekdays
    and any weekend sessions
    if using a
    Prime Time Punch Card
    ($90.00/10 sessions)
    $30 Coaching
    Day Pass
    (unlimited sessions
    for one day)
  • Coaches must check-in at the Admissions Desk PRIOR to teaching any lessons and sign the freestyle log
  • If using a Punch Card, the card must be presented at check-in. If the Punch Card is not presented at check-in, the walk-on rate must be paid.
  • Lost or stolen Punch Cards will not be replaced
    Early Bird/Daytime Punch Cards may not be used for Prime Time sessions and vice versa
  • All guest coaches must be in good standing with U.S. Figure Skating, follow all Twin Rinks policies and guidelines, and adhere to the Professional Skaters Association Code of Ethics at all times.
  • For any questions or concerns, please contact Gabrielle Valiquette, Skating Director, at g_valiquette@stamfordtwinrinks.com

Freestyle Schedule

All schedules are subject to change. Please check daily for the most up-to-date session times. Twin Rinks reserves the right to share ice with Twin Rinks Skating School group lessons, clinics, & camps.

Figure Skating Session Policies & Procedures
All skaters will check in at the Admissions Desk upon arrival and sign in on the participation sheet. Subscribers names will be pre-printed on participation sheet. Subscribers must initial after their name
Walk-on Guests must print their name and initial after it in the space provided
Payment in full for ice time is then made
All skaters enter their coaches name in the box(s) for lesson times
All skaters will be issued a receipt and a colored sticker to be worn in a visible location while on the ice
Skaters are not allowed on the ice without sticker.
One sticker color during session whether just practicing or for a private lesson
If skater has a lesson, admissions will mark sticker with No. of lessons and circle it (with a sharpie).
If skater is just practicing, then there will be no mark on the sticker
Subscribers will have a sticker with their name and the time of the session
Students will pay their instructors directly: cash, check, instructor credit card/thru smart phone