Freestyle Sessions

  • All available sessions are posted on the Freestyle Session Calendar below. 
  • Skaters who have based Basic 4 of the Learn to Skate USA curriculum or equivalent may practice on freestyle sessions independently and without being supervised by a coach.
  • Skaters who have not yet passed the Basic 4 level may not skate on a freestyle session unless they are in a lesson. This is for the safety of the inexperienced skaters, as well as all of the other skaters on the ice. 

Fall Freestyle Subscriptions

  • Fall freestyle subscriptions begin on Monday, September 6th. 
  • A limited number of subscriptions will be available until Sunday, September 12th, unless they are sold out prior to that date. No additional subscriptions may be purchased once the subscription are sold out and/or the sales period has ended.
  • There are no makeups or credits issued for missed subscribed sessions.
  • Subscriptions may be purchased online, over the phone (203.968.9000), or in person.

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Freestyle Schedule

All schedules are subject to change. Please check daily for the most up-to-date session times. Twin Rinks reserves the right to share ice with Twin Rinks Skating School group lessons, clinics, & camps.

Fall 2021 Walk-On Rates:
Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday: 6:00A-6:50A - $19
Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday: 6:50A-7:40A - $19
Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday: 7:40A-8:55A - $19
Monday/Tuesday/Thursday: 1:25P-2:40P - $20
Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday: 2:50P-3:50P - $25
Wednesday: 11:35A-12:35P - $20
Wednesday: 12:35P-1:50P - $20
Wednesday: 4:50P-6:05P - $33
Friday: 11:35A-12:25P - $18
Friday: 12:25P-1:15P - $18
Friday: 2:25P-3:15P - $21
Friday: 3:15P-4:05P - $26
Saturday: 9:40A-10:55A - $33

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available for skaters ages 3 through adult and all skating abilities, including 1st timers. Private lessons are taught during freestyle sessions. All Twin Rinks in-house coaches are independent contractors who set their own fees and schedules directly with their clients. 

Private lessons are available for freestyle, ice dance, Moves in the Field, hockey skating skills, and recreational skating. If you would like to learn more about private lesson options for either you and/or your child(ren), please contact Gabrielle Valiquette, at (203) 968-9000 x16 or via email at g_valiquette@stamfordtwinrinks.com.

Guest Coaching

Guest coaches who are fully licensed, insured, and in good standing with U.S. Figure Skating are welcome to coach at Twin Rinks during freestyle sessions. Guest coaches must adhere to all Twin Rinks rules and policies, as well as the PSA Professional Code of Ethics and be approved by Gabrielle Valiquette, Skating Director.

In order to be approved as a guest coach, the following must be submitted to Gabrielle:

  • A fully executed Facility Use Agreement
  • Proof of liability insurance for the 2021-2022 season
  • Proof of US Figure Skating coaching compliance for the 2021-2022 season
  • A completed contact information sheet
  • A current photograph

Daily coaching commission passes, 10 session punch cards, and walk-on commission rates are outlined below. Please contact Gabrielle Valiquette at (203) 968-9000 ×16 for more information on freestyle session availability, as well as guest coaching policies, procedures, and commissions. 

for any sessions between
6:00am and 1:00pm
on weekdays
if using an
Off-Peak Commission Punch Card
($50.00/10 sessions)
for any sessions starting
at or after 1:00pm on weekdays
and any weekend sessions
if using a
Peak Commission Punch Card
($90.00/10 sessions)
$30 Coaching
Day Pass
(unlimited sessions
for one day)
  • Coaches must check-in at the Admissions Desk PRIOR to teaching any lessons and sign the freestyle log for each session
  • If using a Punch Card, the card must be presented at check-in PRIOR to each session. If the Punch Card is not presented at check-in, the walk-on rate must be paid.
  • Lost or stolen Punch Cards will not be replaced.
  • Off-Peak Commission Punch Cards may not be used for Peak sessions; however, Peak Commission Cards may be used for Off-Peak Sessions.
Figure Skating Session Policies & Procedures
All skaters will check in at the Admissions Desk upon arrival and sign in on the participation sheet. Subscribers names will be pre-printed on participation sheet. Subscribers must initial after their name
Walk-on Guests must print their name and initial after it in the space provided
Payment in full for ice time is then made
All skaters enter their coaches name in the box(s) for lesson times
All skaters will be issued a receipt and a colored sticker to be worn in a visible location while on the ice
Skaters are not allowed on the ice without sticker.
One sticker color during session whether just practicing or for a private lesson
If skater has a lesson, admissions will mark sticker with No. of lessons and circle it (with a sharpie).
If skater is just practicing, then there will be no mark on the sticker
Subscribers will have a sticker with their name and the time of the session
Students will pay their instructors directly: cash, check, instructor credit card/thru smart phone