Twin Rinks utilizes the Learn to Skate USA program, endorsed by US Figure Skating & USA Hockey, which was designed to serve the needs of both recreational and competitive skaters. The mission is to provide a fun and safe learning experience for beginners as well as more advanced skaters and to help those of all skill and age levels achieve their personal goals. This comprehensive goal-oriented program offers both skating fundamentals based classes such as Snowplow Sam, Basic Skills, Adult, and more.

The Twin Rinks Skating School program has been among the top 20 in the United States for two decades and is the largest in Fairfield County. The experience and skills of the coaches is unsurpassed in the area: the Twin Rinks program is the only Basic Skills program in which all of the coaches are fully certified by the US Figure Skating and the Professional Skaters Association, and has more experienced instructors than all other lower Fairfield County ice rinks combined.

The Twin Rinks difference

  • One of the largest U.S. Figure Skating® Learn To Skate USA programs in the U.S.
  • Taught by the only fully certified professional coaching staff in New England. Check out their bios here.
  • Our value pricing includes rental skates, a 25 minute lesson with our coaching staff & 25 minutes of supervised practice time
  • Watch your child have fun, build confidence, and master new skills from the comfort and warmth of our lobby, café, or full-service restaurant.
  • Students mark progress with certificates every cycle.
  • Early registration, multi-cycle, and family discounts are available.

Proudly endorsed by:

Please check back soon for program updates!

We are excited to announce Gabrielle Valiquette as the new Director of the Twin Rinks Skating School! Gabrielle is a lifelong skater, member of Professional Skaters Association and US Figure Skating as well as the parent of two competitive figure skaters whom she currently co-coaches. Her children both started skating in the Twin Rinks Skating School group lesson program and currently train at Twin Rinks.

Please contact Gabrielle at: 203-968-9000×16 for more questions on our Learn to Skate & Learn to Play program.

Level & AgeDescription of Classes
Parent and Tot for ages 3 to 5Recommended for tots who are more comfortable learning alongside mom or dad. Skaters will learn basic skating skills before graduating to the Snowplow Sam level. Parents must have basic knowledge of forward skating.
Snowplow Sam 1-4 for ages 3 to 5Youngsters have fun learning basic skating skills (including backward skating, one-foot glides, and curves) in an age-appropriate way before moving on to the Basic Skills curriculum or ice hockey classes.
Basic 1-6 & Pre-Freestyle for ages 6 to 17 Master basic through more difficult skills, learning correct technique and building confidence. Completion of Basic 6 prepares skaters for Pre-Freestyle (Pre-Free), with greater emphasis on the control, speed, and agility needed for a more serious recreational skater, hockey or figure skater.
Freestyle 1-6 for Advanced Figure Skaters Transition to more serious figure skating through six Freestyle levels, learning increasingly difficult jumps, spins, footwork and spiral sequences, turns and edgework. Our classes prepare skaters for higher-level U.S. Figure Skating Moves in the Field, Freestyle, and Ice Dancing tests.
Adult/Teen 1-3 for ages 13+Move from your first steps on the ice to learning advanced skills. Skaters will build confidence through balance and learn proper technique to help advance their skillset.
Adult/Teen 4-6 for ages 13+Advanced classes, offered to those whom have passed Adult Beginner (1-3), with emphasis on learning figure skating based moves and prepping participants for the Adult test track.
Learn to Play hockey Dynamites for ages 3 to 5The Learn to Play Hockey Dynamites program is designed to teach the fundamentals of hockey skating. In four badge levels, skaters will learn how to be more proficient and agile on the ice. Proper skating techniques for the game of hockey are the primary focus of the levels. Skaters will learn the basic hockey stance, stride, knee bend, use of edges and other necessary fundamentals to be successful in hockey practices and game situations.

For more info on Our Dynamites Learn to Play Hockey School, click here.

Program includes 25 minutes of lesson & 25 minutes of practice time.

Students will find out class time on the first day! 

All students must pay the annual Learn to Skate USA membership fee of $17.

Safety is a priority for us, so here are some clothing requirements and suggestions for skating classes at Twin Rinks.

  • Warm, comfortable clothes that allow for easy movement are best for skating classes. Layering will help a skater stay warm and adjust if they work up a sweat.
  • Helmets are required for all Snowplow Sam, Basic 1-3 through age 9, and Adult beginner students. Any well-fitting helmet is acceptable. For safety and protection, hockey helmets with face mask are best, especially for the youngest skaters; skating and ski helmets are very good; and bike helmets are adequate.
  • Gloves or mittens are required for all students age 17 and under, and strongly recommended for adults. They provide both warmth and safety.
  • Snow pants, long pants, athletic pants, leggings, or tights (with skating dress, skirt, or leotard).  For safety and ease of movement, pants should not fall below the heel of the skate or drag on the ground. Young children often prefer snow pants, which make them feel padded and dry. Shorts are not permitted unless worn over tights or leggings.
  • Thin- to medium-weight high socks or tights. Skates should fit snugly, so thick socks are not recommended. Socks should come up higher than the top of the skate boot, to prevent the skate from rubbing against the leg. Tights are a great choice for girls, either under pants or with a skating dress, skirt, or leotard.
  • Jacket, fleece, sweater, sweatshirt, and/or long sleeve shirt. Think layers! Skaters can always remove a layer if they are too warm during class or practice time.

Check out Wesco Sports Center at Twin Rinks for a great selection of recreational, hockey, and figure skating equipment and apparel.

  • Arrive 30 minutes early on your very first day to settle into your space and navigate our registration table, skate rental counter, etc.
  • Check-in at the Learn to skate table at the front entrance to receive your name badge for class.
  • Pick up skates at Skate counter, just right of the main entrance.
  • Head to the rink & find your coaches. High-fives are always encouraged!
  • We understand that conflicts may arise during each cycle. Unfortunately, we cannot offer make-up classes.
  • Twin Rinks reserves the right to combine classes.
  • Twin Rinks reserves the right to reschedule, change or cancel classes due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • After we register you with Learn to Skate USA, you will receive a sticker book in the mail that guides you through all the skills and levels your skater will be learning so you can engage in conversation with your skater and ask them about the skills they worked on in class each week.
  • Our coaches are available during free time to discuss your skater’s needs and to answer any questions you may have. Let them know before class when you drop your skater off rink side, and they can meet you during free time.
  • Looking for other opportunities for your little one(s) to skate? Ask our staff about public skating, clinics, leagues & private lessons.